GUT comes third in the general classification of the Academic Championships of Poland

One more edition of the Academic Championships of Poland is over and one more time Gdańsk University of Technology is on the podium!

Academic Championships of Poland 2017 were attended by 154 universities from all over the country, but only two of them were represented in all 43 disciplines - the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and Gdańsk University of Technology.

Athletes of Gdańsk University of Technology are improving their position and getting better and better overall scores in successive championships. This year, our representatives obtained 2169.5 points. This result allowed our university to finish third in the overall classification. Only the University of Warsaw (2350 points) and the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow (2296 points) proved to be better. In the classification of Technical Universities (TU) Gdańsk University of Technology took 2nd place. It’s the fourth year in a row that our university is ranked 3rd in the General Classification and the fifth year in a row that it comes second among Technical Universities.

It was also our best year in terms of the number of medals in the overall classification. Gdańsk University of Technology took 10th place in the general classification, earning 6 medals. Our competitors also won as many as 14 medals in the classification of Technical Universities (TU). It is worth mentioning that since all universities take part in the Academic Championships of Poland, we have already won 42 medals in the general classification.

This year in the general classification, representatives of Gdańsk University of Technology won 1 gold medal, 4 silver and 1 bronze medal. The highest podium went to our yachtsmen for the 4th time in a row; the second place went to the rowing team, to the aerobics athletes and to GUT representatives in indoor rowing and in sports climbing. Beach volleyball players took the lowest podium.

Our athletes also won a number of medals individually. The golden ones went to the rowing pair: Patryk Butyński and Rafał Gawędzki and to the sailing team: Patryk Richter, Jakub Surowiec and Marek Zalewski. Przemysław Adamski triumphed in the 100m race, while in the sports aerobics - the three-team: Karolina Gajewska, Karolina Kotowska and Natalia Sobolewska, and in indoor rowing Łukasz Stasiewicz.

Silver medals went to the coxed eight rowing team: Michał Baran, Łukasz Stasiewicz, Szymon Chiliński, Krzysztof Zywert, Michał Kosiński, Patryk Butyński, Daniel Dwojakowski, Rafał Gawędzki and the coxswain Jan Olecki as well as Sylwia Zimnicka and Łukasz Stasiewicz in single skulls. The silver medals were also awarded to the spearman Wiktor Mertka (1st place TU) and karate fighter Dominik Korbolewski (up to 60 kg, 2. TU), Bartosz Śledź (1 TU) for powerlifting, Sylwia Zimnicka (KL, 1 TU) for indoor rowing and Leszek Marek (100 kg, 1 TU) for judo.

The bronze was awarded to double skull rowers: Szymon Chiliński and Daniel Dwojakowski, sailing crew of Igor Tarasiuk, Kacper Ślepowroński and Michał Pietrzak, as well as to Dariusz Konopelski, who competed in the Championships in powerlifting (2 TU) and to GUT representative in sports aerobics Karolina Kotowska (1 TU) and Indoor rower Weronika Błaszczyk (KA, 1 TU).

We heartily congratulate all the medalists and trainers and express our gratitude for your hard work and effort throughout the year!