Academic Sports Centre
Gdańsk University of Technology


You can find here the conditions for practicing almost every sport. In ASC there are 20 sports sections including swimming, athletics, judo, volleyball, football, tennis and table tennis. =>MORE

Sports center is located in Wrzeszcz on the main traffic route, close to SKM(a commuter train) and   tram lines. 

We have a modern, newly renovated swimming pool complex, a large 25-meter pool and a smaller 12.5-meter one which is used by students during physical education classes.

We have a newly decorated, full-size sports hall for team games. We set a new indoor tennis courts and replaced the surface on the football pitch. There are a climbing wall and two volleyball courts available for students.

We also have a swimming pool fully equipped for rowing workouts. It is a unique thing in Poland. Thanks to it our students succeed during national and international competitions.

We also invite you to the new gym and aerobics room.  Those keen on  martial arts should visit our judo section

It is worth mentioning that the ASC also organizes skiing and sailing camps. For students with limited physical abilities we conduct corrective gymnastics classes.